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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Ok. I got one for ye.

A discussion I had a long time ago.

Glass Joe is dominating a round. I mean, beats Don Flamenco about the head and body with untethered ferocity. His combos are relentless and devastating, his timing, flawless. Although no KD's are recorded, Flamenco is unsteady, ready to go. The ref is hawking, ready to stop it. A no doubter 10-8 round due to the sustained, one sided beating.


At 2:56 of the round, Glass Joe gets caught with a defensively thrown left hook as he loads up for a right hook of his own. It lands, not really a big shot, but it lands solidly enough in that it throws him off balance; his glove touches the canvas. The bell rings.

How do you score it?

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