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Default Re: Jon-Lewis ****inson v David Dolan - British CW title

Originally Posted by Paullow View Post
what sort of standard mate?

it's a shame it's in houghton-le-spring and not central newcastle as JDL wanted. would much rather get the train down, do something in newcastle during the day, aspers after the fight, then crash at a mates etc. I would have to drive, which i wouldnt really want to do, and just wouldnt be the same. it's a shame as it would be nice to see a half decent british title match up here, and not your usual akesh hussain type shows we have been getting in the city.

it will be Loaded tv for me
Aw just novice amateur mate. and aye I know what your saying completely. This defence may seem rubbish to those down south but it's the best quality match we've had up here for a long time.
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