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Default Re: *** Cain Velasquez Vs. Alistair Overeem? Who wins??***

I say Cain over a few rounds by stoppage. I feel Reem is awesome on steriods but without them is not the terror at heavy that he has become. He is really powerful no doubt. Regardless i see Cain fighting a smart fight against Reem and beating the **** out of him. Cain is agile for a big guy. Brock was agile but NOT OK getting hit and regressed over time in many ways because his FEAR of being hit became so obvious. Cain had no fear of getting hit and was thus BLASTED out by JDS and then came back using his fear of being hit to his advantage rather than a disadvandage. Brock therefore in my opinion fought a horrid fight plan against Reem simply having no clue about RANGE. I dont think Cain will make this mistake and will come with a good fight plan against Reem. If Cain makes it past the first round without taking a huge knee etc in a wild first round flurry i see Reem gassing faster than Cain and Cain slowly pounding out Reem more and more until he gets the win.
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