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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ****

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Assistant: Malden

* Result Commentary by Robney

12/1 - Tyson Fury vs. Kevin Johnson - (UK Channel 5/Wealth TV) - Fury UD - 119-110/119-108/119-108 - Fury controlled the fight from the start, and there wasn't much coming back from KJ. He got a point deducted in the 7th, but that didn't hurt much... from the 9th he just boxed the fight out.
12/1 - Jayson Velez vs. Salvador Sanchez - 10x3 WBC Silver Featherweight Title (Showtime) - Velez TKO3 - Sal Sanchez down at the end of the 2nd, after being pummeled the entire round. Again directly in the 3rd and then finished it pretty quickly... Salvador II is nothing like his late legendary uncle.
12/1 - Austin Trout vs. Miguel Cotto - 12x3 WBA World Light Middleweight Title (Showtime) - Trout UD - 117-111/117-111/119-109 - Trout was scoring the better punches all night while Cotto was the agressor, but there were a lot of close rounds. The 119 score was too wide, I had it 116-112 Trout.
12/4 - Koki Kameda vs. Hugo Ruiz - 12x3 WBA World Bantamweight Title - Kameda SD
12/6 - Raymundo Beltran vs. Ji-Hoon Kim - 10x3 NABF Lightweight Title (ESPN2) - Beltran UD - 98-92/98-92/97-94 - both guys down in the 1st in a very nice round. Beltran took over in the rest of the fight hitting Kim with pretty hurtful shots, but suffered a left hand injury on the way so had some closer later rounds.
12/8 - Brian Magee vs. Mikkel Kessler - 12x3 WBA World Super Middleweight Title (Denmark PPV) - Kessler KO3 - bodyshot KO! Magee down 2 times by bodyshots in the 2nd round and got dropped hard again directly in the 3rd by one, and that was for the count. Feel the power of the VIKING WARRiOR!
12/8 - Darren Barker vs. Kerry Hope - (SKY) - Barker TKO4 - Hope down in the 4th from a big right uppercut, right hook combo... the towell trown in after the next attack.
12/8 - Nicholas Walters vs. Daulis Prescott - 12x3 WBA World Featherweight Title - Walters TKO7- Prescott down in the 4th and 5th and ended in the 7th by a bodyshot.
12/8 - Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Michael Farenas - 12x3 (HBO PPV) - Gamboa UD - 117-109/118-108/117-108 - Farenas down at the end of the 2nd afteer hurting Gamboa first, and was cut on both eyes in the 3rd. Gamboa controlled the fight, but got hurt briefly multiplr times. Farenas down again in the 7th, but hurt Gamboa at the end of the same round. Gamboa down from a huge left hook counter in the 9th while looking for a stoppage himself.
Great fight, but showed the sheer vulnerability of Gamboa against punchers and tough fighters.
12/8 - Miguel Vazquez vs. Mercito Gesta - 12x3 IBF Lightweight Title (HBO PPV) - Vazquez UD - 117-111?/119-109/118-110 - Vazquez outboxed Gesta (who wasn't doing much of everything) from the outside without any problems.
12/8 - Javier Fortuna vs. Patrick Hyland - 12x3 Interim WBA World Featherweight Title (HBO PPV) - Fortuna UD - 118-110/116-112/115-113 - That's all I want to say about this one...
12/8 - Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV - 12x3 (HBO PPV) - MARQUEZ KO6 OF THE YEAR! - Pac down in the 3rd by a big right swing, but came back to drop Marquez in the 5th in an amazing round!!! Manny had the best of round 6 but walked onto a huge right hook and was out face first!!!! STILL BUZZING WHILE I WRITE THIS!This might well have the round of the year, be the fight of the year, and have the KO of the year in one fight!
12/14 - Lee Haskins vs. Stephane Jamoye - 12x3 EBU Bantamweight Title - Jamoye KO8 - Real Euroclass fighters were having a war, trading knockdowns and Belgium won! Jamoye down in the 2nd, but dropped Lee in the 5th and ended it in round 8 dropping Lee 3 times with bodyshots! WAR BELGIUM!

12/15 - George Groves vs. Glen Johnson - 12x3 Commonwealth Super Middleweight Title - Groves UD - 120-107/120-107/119-109 - Glen "down" in the 12th
12/15 - Mateusz Masternak vs. Juho Haapoja - 12x3 EBU Cruiserweight Title (Germany ARD) - Masternak UD - 120-108 3x
12/15 - Arthur Abraham vs. Mehdi Bouadla - 12x3 WBO Super Middleweight Title (Germany ARD) - Abraham TKO8
12/15 - Leo Santa Cruz vs. Alberto Guevara - 12x3 IBF Bantamweight Title (CBS) - Santa UD - 116-112/118-110/119-109 - No presents from Santa before Christmas!
12/15 - Shawn Porter vs. Julio Diaz - 10x3 (Showtime) - SPLIT DRAW
12/15 - Deontay Wilder vs. Kelvin Price - 10x3 (Showtime) - Wilder KO3 - Did you hear, wow Windmiller KO'd Price!
12/15 - Amir Khan vs. Carlos Molina - (Showtime) - Khan TKO10 - Like expected, Khan had no trouble with Carlos Molina...
12/15 - Nonito Donaire vs. Jorge Arce - 12x3 WBO Super Bantamweight Title (HBO) - Donaire KO3 - Arce down in the 2nd, and leveled in the 3rd by a left hook. Destructor Nono is taking the FOTY award away from JMM afterall!
12/15 - Omar Andres Narvaez vs. David Quijano - 12x3 WBO Super Flyweight Title (TyC Sports) - Narvaez UD - 120-108/120-106/119-109
12/17 - Denis Lebedev vs Santander Silgado - 12x3 WBA World Cruiserweight Title - Lebedev KO4 - Silgado was doing pretty well until the 4th when he got caught with a couple big shots and got leveled face down by a huge left uppercut! Another Lebendary win for the legend killer!
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