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Default Re: What aspect(s) should JDS most improve on?

Originally Posted by latineg View Post
JDS looked to me like the BOXER that believed his BOXING was SUPERIOUR tonite rather than FOCUSING on SUPERIOUR boxing. Cain comes with ENERGY and aggression. To combat that one must CRANK up the energy and aggression one uses to defend against such pressure. First, a JAB, JDS has a decent jab, a jab has one problem, not much POWER, thus not many use it. The JAB is however, not a POWER punch, its a SET UP punch. Its a punch that is quick but WEAK and thus can be useless, UNLESS its used intentionally as a WEAK punch that is fairly useless for inflicting forceful lasting damage but VERY effective at inflicting TACTICAL advantage when used in combination with ones other skills. Every boxer that has ever tried to use handspeed to connect with power shots without setting them up will eventually run into a fighter that can time them and keep ducking out of the way. Tyson in his early days threw lots of JABs with raging quick side to side head movement BEFORE he would come with the BIG SHOTs. Tyson over time simply stopped doing this as its exhausting, attempting to rely on his awesome power alone. This is what i felt JDS was doing, trying to rely on his awesome power and great handspeed ALONE with CAIN. Does not matter how great ones power and handspeed are if they are up against a opponent that is FIGHTING a game plan whereby they accept that the one they are fighting has FASTER HANDs and more POP in his punches. Cain came to fight focused on not allowing JDS to clip him with a HUGE SHOT. JDS came to fight looking to clip CAIN with a HUGE SHOT. JDS should of came tonite expecting NOT to be lucky enough to catch CAIN with a HUGE SHOT and instead focused on using his hand speed to keep landing lots of super quick accurate punches on Cain without so much POWER. WHY? Well assuming that JDS survives the clinches, take downs and exchanges each time he survived these exchanges CAIN rather than gaining STEAM knowing that JDS's timing is so far OFF, well over time Cain begins to get used to JDS's timing being ON as well as getting used to WALKING threw JDS's weaker quick accurate shots. Once this scenario begins to unfold then JDS is in the position whereby he can SLOWLY begin to PICK his MOMENTs and gradually LOAD up a little more here and there not trying to knock Cain out but trying to WIN rounds. When i used to box this was about the only time i ever ended up knocking other guys out accidently, lol. Whenever, i would knock a guy out like this the very next fight i had i always wanted to SKIP the PROCESS and just start throwing the POWER SHOTs that i got a knock out with. Whenever i skipped this process however, it was all but impossible for me to get a knockout. When i spent a round trying to land a huge power shot myy coach would always look at me coming back to my corner saying, "were you trying to win the round or the fight?" , When he said that to me it was a INSULT, lol, he only said it when he was UPSET with me and thus when he would say it he was telling me that i WASTED a round trying to LAND a huge shot when i could of landed lots of smaller shots and been in better position the next round to crank up the power just a little to land some bigger shots. As well as wasting a round allowing my OPPONENT to have SUCCESS timing my HUGE SHOTs that kept on missing. The more huge shots that one throw's that MISS the more confidence one's opponent will become. Most fighters including myself will on instinct get CAUGHT in a mental trap whereby when their OPPONENT keeps having success timing your big shots one by nature desires more and more to LAND a HUGE SHOT. Worst way to go about messing up your opponents TIMING is to just keep trying harder to land a HUGE SHOT. They already figured it out so why throw harder when POWER isnt the PROBLEM in the first place as accuracy and connecting was the problem in the first place.

So in short what do i think JDS should work on to become better ?

His boxing.

Not to become a better boxer, to become a better MMA fighter.

By the way, dont label me as a BOXER over MMA as i am not, I love my boxing as well i love my MMA, i feel that JDS would wipe the floor with Vlad Klit in a MMA ring and rules and Vlad Klit would wipe the floor with JDS in a BOXING RING and rules. I think BOXING SKILLs are AWESOME when applied to MMA fights, I think if BOXING type SKILLs are the only skills applied to a MMA fight the boxer is in BIG TROUBLE. I simply feel that MMA fighters with awesome boxing skills are way more dangerous than MMA fighters without BOXING type skills.
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