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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by Drew101 View Post
I would say that in the case you mentioned that a 10-10 round isn't at all out of the question, des. I view a kd as being a two point swing, as opposed to an automatic victory. In an instance where a fighter would have won the round 10-8 even without an official kd, 10-10 is a valid way to score a round like the one you described.
It would have to be extreme circumstances, understandably, but if there is no hard and fast RULE that Flamenco gets the round, I'd have an awful hard time giving it to him.

I could more easily envision a 10-9 Flamenco round had his shot been a real power shot that landed flush and put his man down more emphatically. The justification being that his 1 punch did more damage and affected his opponent more profoundly than the reverse, theoretically.
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