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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
..i suppose we could say that to be a good infighter it takes confidence and rythym/timng honed by years of consistant defensive drills..practiced as close to perfect as possible..until the repetition of the movment is as close to perfect everytime..especially executed on extreme fatigue..
..question..when would you suggest is the best time to practise these drill..early in the night when your fresh..or at the end of a training session when your abit fatigued and have to think abit?

Your question is great ! I am not being a smart **** here, just keen to give a vibrant answer; I will ask you: when does a 100 metre sprinter practise to explode from his starting block??

I think the practise for this counter combo, needs to be first conducted outside of the gym, or before gym, with two boxers; me and my brother worked at it (in a type of close shadow sparring) in our parents kitchen for hours and hours at a time, and as I said before we used open hands so we wouldnt destroy each other; our exercise was to especially provide the rapid speed movement of the feet to the position where the rapid hand movement of the left rip (and following left hook, right cross) could be unleashed/practised. We made sure during this practise that it was genuine, as we tried hard to stifle each others first movements....(both of us would often baulk with a left jab, and then see the other's rip coming - shift back, throw a right cross that was pulled up).....(obviously, we knew that we had to throw a left jab in order for the other to exercise that first move up....but we threw it out authentically)....this is the type of trust and practise that is required, that free reign to play and explore the total exercise, and to not be severely staggered by the 'punishment' of being hit, and not getting it through to the keeper; in the exercise it became a bit of a game, where we purposefully tried to stifle the other from reaching that first point of positioning to was fun and cat and mouse practise. We often spoke to each other, with our critique as we worked together..'not fast enough mate'.....'saw it coming"....etc.

I seriously think that there must be time put aside for a boxer to reflect, and slowly practise on his own learning time, agenda also..... To achieve perfection in this most difficult move, doing it on your pat mallone, highly inflates its difficulty; so to get assistance and shadow spar together and practise this move in the way I described, is a better and greater learning tool, with both boxers collaborating to learn this timing, rythmn, pitfalls and preciseness of this move together, and giving instant feedback is the way to go.

At the gym, it can be imagined and practised on the bag, by pushing the punching back, and get it swaying up and back, get into timing mode, and visualise that the left jab is coming at you, and you hop up to the bag as it is heading towards you, you slip or brush the imaginary left lead, as you are stepping up and ripping (in a lightening flash), then hooking and right is good gym reinforcement for this counter combo, but the bag cannot tell you that your movement is too predictable, or full of obvioiusness ! (These days, you'd reckon they would have invented a boxing bag that tells you your mistakes !) hahaha

cheers mate.

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