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Default Re: *** Cain Velasquez Vs. Alistair Overeem? Who wins??***

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
Who says that he won't still be on gear? All that he has to do is time his cycle better. Don't forget that he passed pre and post-fight drug tests for the Rogers and Werdum fights.
Lesnar too, so in all actuality roids had zero effect on the outcome of his fights. Like said, everyone is on something, whether it be horse ****, creatine, or a PWO for energy.

Only a fighter like Anderson Silva takes so much as Gatorade.

Originally Posted by slugger3000 View Post
What I love about the UFC is the Champ will fight the next best opponent! No ***** footing around... Dana will make the Cain-Alistair fight if the reem beats Bigfoot..
Originally Posted by slugger3000 View Post
It wouldn't suprise me one bit if Alistair has a War with Bigfoot.. What if Antonio wins? LOL Would he get a re-match with Cain?
It's the philosophy in MMA, and has been that way for the past 20 years. I'm certain longer, that The Best will fight The Best, and that's it. It's all that matters, and this is what The UFC has strived for from day one. It's everything to us (fighters, fans) and it's everything I'm feeling right now. The fighters involved have shown and taught us a lot about soul searching and life in general.

PRIDE, on the other hand, showed and taught us a thing or two about love and respect. PRIDE never died, and those events are what brought us The Next Generation of fighters out there today (Ben Henderson, GSP, on and on).

It's a good time to be a fight fan. Like I said, the World hasn't seen warriors like this since the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports. Not trying to bust ***** with that statement either, because 2013 is going to be a Great year for everyone involved!

Oh, btw... Crazy #ing avy. I kinda use to hate it because you could troll the **** outta Mayweather fans, but you are a good egg. Glad to have you.
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