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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
With managing boxers, is your main goal to find fighters promotors/cards to fight on? I've never been completely clear on the roll of a boxing manager!
If it's alright I will tell you from my experience, a manager's job is to guide and advise the fighter on career moves, to protect them even from themselves.
A manager helps put together a working team to train the fighter and prepare him for whatever is on his plate.
When the fighter has a good team, then a manager has to knock on doors in hope of getting the fighter working.
I pick and choose their oppts for the most part, I am not looking for ducks, I want to make my guy look good.
So I have to know the strength and weaknesses of my guy, for example he may not look against a boxer, or an awkward guy that would throw my guy off his stride.
Then when he is ready bring him to a big promoter, who will pay him well, and keep him active.
A manager wears many hats, and he has to know when to wear that hat(as a father figure, a shoulder whatever the fighter needs and the situation calls for.
A fighter is a human being with failings like everybody, so you have to know when they are up, when they are down and how to deal with it.
Now to flip the coin there are managers who sell their fighters like pimps do, they dont care, they just want their money, even if they stole off the top.
A while back, there was a Mexican fighter who happened to be a world champ. His manager/promoter accepted a purse of 150k, long story short the fighter wound up with less then 20k.
It's shame but it does happen, so listen up, do not sign on with anybody without doing your homewk find out the most you can about the person you are dealing with.
I know it's long I wish I could cut my responses down but I tend to write off the cuff, hope that was helpful.
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