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Default Re: Is Floyd Mayweather the Greatest of all Time

Originally Posted by RingKing View Post
Re: Is Floyd Mayweather the Greatest Ducker of all Time?

Probably. He's in the top ten for sure. He ducked the following fighters, and they are listed in no particular order. Mind you, he could have fought these guys at the time they were the top challengers to his belt and other belts, but didn't.

Manny Pacquiao
Antonio Margarito
Paul Williams
Joshua Clottey

Now, he very well could have beat all of them, but the fact is that he didn't fight them for one reason or another. Some people are going to say that he fought for the linear belt, which was more important at the time. I call bull****. Even though Carlos Baldomir was the champ at the time, Antonio Margarito was a lot more dangerous in my opinion and would have made for a better fight.
Then you have the Floyd boys claiming that he fought Gatti, Baldomir, and Judah during the time the other guys I mentioned were at the top.

In my opinion, the guys he avoided could have gone three and "0" against Gatti, Baldomir, and Judah. And, I think it is safe to say that Gatti, Baldomir, and Judah could have very well gone 0-4 against the other four guys.

Just my opinion.
did you mention Clottey?

Originally Posted by C.J. View Post
Answer is eaSY no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Floyd has the natural God given skills to be a great boxer but was cursed by being given the cojones of a gnat
name 40 fighters better
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