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Default Re: Is Floyd Mayweather the Greatest of all Time

The fourth post in this thread is a pic of Sweet Pea who stepped up to every challenger (and a lot more in his era) than Floyd. So a quick answer is no. I would put him a lot higher than a lot of rankings though. top 15-25 vs top 100.

But a few people could beat him:

duran at lightweight- the ultimate lightweight, brawler and pressurefighter. If Castillo I put a show on Mayweather before he went full defensive imagine would Duran would do at that weight *shudder*

srleonard at welter would outpoint if not knock him out. one point I never see in this fantasy match up is angles. Floyd's defense is a lot like his dad (although sharper) and the angle of the punch SRL threw for the first knockdown in that fight, and even against Benitez, was heavenly

I also think sweet pea could outpoint him. He was a lot more slicker and unorthodox. Had much tougher competition. Dodged no one. Was robbed and took it like a man, and better at hitting and mking his opponents miss.

Hearns would KO him below 154

SRR would ko him at Welter for sure and in my opinion TKO in Middle

Locche outpoint him

And all these guys had much better resumes than him too

A few people I wish he fought and sucks that he won't: Martinez, Maragarito, Pacquiao, Tszuyu (although to be fair people knew more about his family name than his name although he did have a title belt back in Tszuyu's prime)

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