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Default Re: Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah - When good cherrypicks go bad

Originally Posted by Genaro G View Post
Once Judah feels that power, he'll fold like he always does. Matthysse is a one dimensional fighter who cant fight off the backfoot. He doesnt have the jab, waist movement or footwork of a Danny Garcia. Thread starter doesnt know **** about boxing and will come to realise that when Judah gets sparked. Judah dont even have a punchers chance, Danny is much more mentally stronger and will take Zab into the trenches and bury him.
This is how I see it too, though I think the OP has some points worth considering.

The books are begging you to take Zab. Garcia is -620, Zab is +410, which is insane. I mean, Khan closed at -750 vs. Molina.

Again, I expect something like your scenario. But it's not like Zab is some outclassed guy moving up in weight for the fight. Wouldn't dismiss the OP's scenario totally.
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