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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Rosario, Haugen, Camacho, Whitaker, and Taylor would all rule their respective divisions today, not much doubt about that.

Oscar at 147 would not; that version of Cotto at 147 probably wouldn't; JMM would at 126 and 130, but those are highly contested bouts; Margarito would not; his versions of Hatton and Morales (2) just might, but it's hard to say. Bradley is the most accomplished at 140 but would lose to Taylor and Whitaker.

Pacquiao has an impressive resume, but the contenders of Chavez's era, at least in the condition he fought them, look better.

You can's separate an evaluation of a fighter's skills from an evaluation of his resume. Being good and looking good are two different things. Manny looks more sensational than Marquez side by side, Leonard more gifted than Duran, Bute more skilled than Froch, etc.

Plus, look at Manny's loss to Morales. Chavez wouldn't be so quick on his feet to push Manny back with straight punches out of an upright stance, but his pressure would be no less grueling and his counters no less sharp.
Pac has the best single win, but the depth of Chavez against prime (or close to it) fighters is greater, as is his length of sustained dominance. And those counters wouldn't only be just as sharp, but more damaging as well.
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