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Default Re: Would Matthysse be a difficult fight for Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Auracle21 View Post
Hindisght is 20/20. Hatton was undefeated. as was Corrales. Hernandez was very good. even recently DLH was a very good 154 pounder and Mayweather NEVER fought at that weight but was quite consummate in beating him. Mosley rocked Margacheato but Mayweather beat him easily. My point is that peoplr will always hate But he has reached a great level. I agree that he wont be at the level (in terms of competition) that the great fighters in the 80's and 90's reached but people personify Mayweather as a villain and he can never do any right. I just say appreciate his amazing ring ability for what it is and leave it at that. He is truly something special.
You say your not a fan but you defend someone that hasent done **** since lightweight..

Hatton was coming of a gift win to two guys soon before Mayweather fought him.

Margarito was shot after PACman then mosley fought him.

Mosley was almost 40 and looked like **** against Ricardo and lost to cotto right before margarito fight.

Please don't let Floyd fool you poor guy.

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