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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Chempasillo View Post
hatton also pressured and came at pacquiao and you know what happened. well chavez is better than hatton, but pac loves the open fight and thats would be the downfall for chavez, because pac hits harder and is more speedy. and chavez would come after him because it was all he ever did.
All Chavez ever did was come forward? No, look again.

Hatton's pressure from then and Chavez's pressure are like night and day.

Pacquiao wasn't loving the pressure so much when Morales followed up on his counters with combinations that pressed him back and pushed his feet off balance. Chavez was more adept at cutting off the ring and was more fluid in integrating his defensive head movement with his counters.

Also, I'd say Chavez hit harder than Pacquiao, or was at least on par.

Pacquiao has a shot to win, but your premise that Manny looks more skilled and better on film from the few clips you provided doesn't translate into the picture your painting of a dominant Pacquiao victory.

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
Taylor was an absolute beast of an opponent imo. Obviously we can't call him an ATG although I do believe Chavez had two hands in that (yes I know he beat Davis ten months on) but he sure as hell had all time talent and a lot that simply cannot be taught. More than natural talent was an extensive and illustrious amateur backround and skills to match. It manifested itself that night and he performed at the highest level. Hurts my head to imagine all of the fighters on resumes who are greater in name that don't match what Chavez faced that day.
Yeah, he really was a natural. Quick on his feet when turning, relentless with those combinations, solid fundamentals, and never hesitated to stand and fight.
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