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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Chempasillo View Post
I so often here about great fights from today or in rescent time not being seriously mentioned for p4p greatness. I mean, so many people say, no, either pac or floyd shouldnt be near a top 10 all time great list.

I compared 2 great boxer, 1 who is ranked by most in the top 20 and the other who climbed liek 10 divisions and should easily be mentioned in the top 5, yet he is not even mentioned for top 10.

both, about same size and reach, both same weight in these bouts and both near or in prime. it doesn't get a better example than this and if you don't see teh huge difference of explosivness, strength, speed and punchinger power, also overall movemant, than you don't see what is happening in both videos, because the obvious is the obvious.

manny would KO either duran and chavez and has business in the top 10 and **** nostalic feeling, when you fight 100 cans doesnt mean you're greater. chavez did not fought better opposition than pac when you just compare the level or world class fighter they faced. duran yes, but he also lost to barely all of them, have to give him credt, because he wasn't in his favourite weight.
Had to stop reading that post after that.. then I read another one of your posts and you said that Chavez won a robbery decision against Whitaker when it was a blatant robbery draw. Clearly ydksab.
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