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Default Re: Who is the P4P hardest puncher of all time?

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
Nobody is claiming Shavers was a great fighter, but every single fighter who faced him, win or lose, walked away saying nobody hit harder than Shavers.

Shavers fought guys who shared the ring with Foreman, Tyson, Bonecrusher Smith, Liston, Frazier, ****ey, Mercer, McCall, Morrison, Bruno, and Weaver. When common oponents comment on hard punchers, every single one of them state Shavers was the hardest puncher they shared the ring with.

Shavers had more power than any other heavyweight, but what he lacked was stamina, accuracy, and punch selection. He was not a good finisher, which is what allowed the better fighters he faced to get through the rough patches (which they all ended up having against Shavers) and to go on to win. The lesser fighters Shavers faced were not able to avoid the shots the better fighters avoided. When Shavers landed, he shook up even the most iron chinned of fighters.
“I think based on this performance here and his own conversations with me in the recent days that he realizes that he is actually too reluctant, too intelligent, too technical—that I think you’re going to see a much more aggressive fighter in Wladimir. If this man actually would just operate with close to 80%—he’s only operating with about 60%—he would be the most devastating heavyweight in the history of boxing because I’ve worked with him. Never, ever, ever have I been involved with a fighter who has so much one punch punching power. Even guys that knock somebody out—they get them hurt, they knock them down, they get them groggy—Wladimir is the only fighter I’ve ever worked with that everything can be normal like a big party—everybody is having champagne, on the floors, in the tuxedos, with the music—and the lights go off completely at one time. I mean it’s not like a gradual dimmer switch. I never saw anyone who knocked out people in a gym when they block punches and he did that about three weeks ago with a sparring partner—two weeks ago, prior to the fight. With a sparring partner he threw a left hook, the sparring partner blocked the punch and with twenty ounce gloves he was still knocked out. He has unbelievable one punch punching power and that’s why maybe he doesn’t put combinations together because he punches so effectively and with so much power with one punch, but his handicap and problem is he feints too much. He wants everything to be perfect—perfect balance, perfect this, and the last round he was a little overly aggressive, got out of position a few times, but to go three minutes with a guy with his power is like a lifetime because even if he just grazes you with a punch, you’re going to be hurt.”
-Emanuel Steward

Wlad is heavier than Shavers, yes.
But when did Shavers ever knock somebody out while the receiving end blocked the punch?

P4P king is maybe Julian Jackson at 154
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