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Default Re: Damien Hooper turns pro

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
I'd imagine they'd send him to UK for a little while just as Browne did, there are so many talented SMWs/LHWs there to spar.
There's plenty of talented fighters in and around his weight division in this country as well. My point is if he's based here he should be sparring with them and not just with blokes he's comfortable working with in Brisbane.

I don't have a problem with him going to the UK for sparring but I think it's worth bearing in mind that the three best fighters this country has turned out in the last 25 years have all laid the foundations for their professional careers right here in Australia.

Judging by last year's Olympics, the UK has it's own crop of talented up and comers. What we don't want to see is our best young talent fed to one of them in England as an opponent (with an English referee & judges).

There's plenty of time for fighting overseas when the time comes but Hooper would do well to build up some momentum and a following in his professional career here first.
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