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Default Re: Who is the P4P hardest puncher of all time?

When labelling Boxers as P4P hardest puncher you really need to reserve it for those who are the most proven and while guys like Jackson had frightening power in their own division it doesn't always translate up in weight. Bob Foster for example had scary power at LHW but when moving up to HW his power was a none factor, Michael Moorer did a better job carrying his up from LHW to HW and is the harder P4P puncher. If we only had their LHW careers to judge that probably could have been what we thought.

I would rate MW's like Steele, Lausse, Hostak, Fernandez as harder punchers than Jackson having scary looking power but proving it against better competition.

True P4P label's should be reserved for guys who proved it through multiple weight classes or fighting much heavier men.

Mickey Walker
Ted Kid Lewis
Ceferino Garcia
Archie Moore

I would rate modern guys like Duran and Pacquiao as harder P4P than Jackson because both showed their power fighting guys over 30lbs above their natural weight. Manny is probably a natural 122/26 lb guy and Clottey, Margarito, DLH were JMW sized and chinned guys who he could hurt.

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