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Default Re: George Groves / James DeGale... Who will have done more?

Originally Posted by bailey View Post

DeGale has fantastic talent, great hand speed and movement. Enzo would possibly be a good choice if he did change trainers, he would have DeGale throwing more combinations and would likely improve his fitness.
One of the things with DeGale lately, is that he likes to take breaks by leaning on the ropes, but this looks to me where he seems to have been getting caught. It looks like a bad habit that could be tough to break.
Hopefully this will be resolved
Hi mate, happy new year

I wonder why DeGale is taking breaks against the ropes? Is he working on that part of his game, or does he have stamina issues? It doesn't make sense, against Mohamaddi he dominated him with ease in the centre of the ring, showing great movement and combinations. Then DeGale would fall against the ropes, lie there and just get outworked. I can't see how it benefits his game? Same against Zuniga, he rocked him and dropped him when countering in the centre of the ring and letting his hands go, when he fell against the ropes he'd be ineffective.

Enzo would have DeGale fighting more aggressive, and utilising his physical talents, which would be great for him. DeGale also looks to have a solid chin as well

I think both Groves and DeGale show massive promise. When they fought, we got the best result with a close fight, however it went, because if one had of blown the other out we would only have had one top prospect. Now we still have two.
The only worry I have for Groves is that im not sure his chin is the best, but his power looks good and his foot movement seems very good
Agree, I had Groves up by a point, but a loss was not catastrophic for DeGale. What hurt him was the inactivity because of his contract disputes. I still think both guys could beat Arthur Abraham today. I think Stieglitz would be a good step up to world level for either fighter next year. Groves was getting hit more early in his career, but I think his defence has improved and he seems to be a good thinker in the ring, able to adjust. Is he ready for a world title fight next year?
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