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Freddy Mills looked like a cartoon imo. He tucked his chin behind his shoulder and looked lopsided as a result and that was the extent of his defence. He just brawled like a madman and it was good enough to win the title against Gus Lesnevich. His manager was a dumb mother****er though and had Mills fighting often and against heavyweights he had no business fighting. He faced Bruce Wood**** who knocked him out before he even defend the title and was also put in against Joe Baksi who beat the ****e out of him in 6. His next fight after Wood**** knocked him out was a title defence was against Joey Maxim who, shock horror, knocked him out. I think the way he was handled was similar to the terrible job Bob Arum has done with Pacquiao. Yeah it's great watching a smaller man beat up bigger fighters (or in Mills case put up a demented losing effort) but that **** can ruin a fighter.

With a more sober matchmaker Mills could have had a better career and I'm speculating here but he probably suffered multiple concussions to the point of getting terrible depression and that's why he killed himself.

Past his best and unable to keep the assault going.

Come forward fighters without a great defence need protecting more than any other type of boxer imo. Hatton was thrown in with Collazo which was just dumb and it was on shortish notice. He was supposed to defend his title instead he had to move up and fight a big Welterweight because his new promoter dropped the ball and he took a beating in the last round. That was a waste of a fight and bad for his longevity.
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