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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Sticking with the H2H argument its my opinion that Chavez is all wrong for Manny. Its said that Chavez was a plodding swarmer but that absolutely not true, they're many cases where Chavez showed the versatility of being able to box off the back foot with a very good jab and firing his straight right hand on rhythm (see his fights with Lockridge and Rosario for proof). With that being said Chavez wouldn't necessarily have to get into a toe to toe war with Manny like many envision, he had the ability to pick him off from the outside and hit him with quick counters and then in an instant switch to his swarming style and climb the ladder while Manny was on the ropes. Manny almost always circles to his left and he alway's drops his left hand while doubling up on his slapping jab before jumping in with his straight left hand. This would leave him wide open for a counter right from Chavez who had the best straight right this side of Mayweather that I've seen in the last 30 years.

Manny's inability to fight nor defend himself on the inside would eventually be his undoing. I see Chavez picking him off with counter shots and maneauvering him to ropes and working Manny's exposed body and eventually wearing him down for stoppage. Chavez would obviously win every battle in the clinch and do serious work there, like Floyd he used his elbows to position to his opponents head in position for his counter shots a unforgotten old school trick. All in all I believe Chavez is too varied and just a styles mismatch and would stop Manny in 9 rds.
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