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Default Re: I Want to Become a Slickster

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
I would've thought that a slip line would be very boxing specific, slipping is a big part of boxing and especially if you want to be a 'slickster'.
And I disagree, those other things will make you a better fighter. You improve strength and motor learning is enhanced as there are less central resources used due to the lesser activation, you improve cardio and you have the energy to use your skills and practice with more freshness and concentration. Yoga helps your awareness of your body so you are more coordinated.
Not one of those things will make you a better fighter, especially not a better slick fighter. A big part of being slick is being smart, boxing smart. If you want to be boxing smart, box, learn your craft. Then perhaps these things will enhance your boxing ability; in and of themselves they will not create that ability.
Being "slick' is not just slipping and bobbing and weaving. It is making the guy throw the punch you want him to throw when you want him to throw it, so you can land the punch you want to land. It requires a great deal of mental energy and boxing intelligence that only comes from boxing.
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