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Default Re: Who is the P4P hardest puncher of all time?

Originally Posted by dyna View Post
Shavers his KO ratio against opponents heavier than 215 lbs is just 45%...
Sure he didn't have a lot of skill but he didn't face the best of the division either so that evens each other out.

Still 45% is extremely low for a puncher named the hardest hitter ever.
And his chin though shaky wasn't made of khanium so that wasn't the problem either (mostly)
His problem was stamina and poor follow up skills. He managed to make guys like Holmes and Lyle look like they got shot from single punches, but when they got up (both were nearly impossible to keep down) they were able to survive due to their great recovery powers and his poor finishing skills. Shavers fought the best around, but he wasn't able to land more than 1 or two big shots on them, which is the main reason why he lost. When guys stood and went shot for shot with him, they went down.

Roy Williams, a 6'5, 230lb, big punching heavyweight who was known for his toughness went toe to toe with Shavers in a back and forth war. He ended up being the victim of a delayed effect KO. As the ref was checking on Williams after a Shavers assault, he waved the fight back on and Williams collapsed and was unable to get back up.

Ron Lyle opted to box Shavers instead of slugging with him, which was against Lyle's nature. Holmes and Ali both boxed Shavers and avoided any prolonged punching matches with him until he was exhausted.

Originally Posted by dyna View Post

"He hit me so hard it jarred my kinfolk in Africa".

This was the most near knocked out moment in Ali his whole career.
Shavers was a very good puncher on sub 200 guys, but he couldn't do that to Ali.
Yet Ali still cited him as the hardest puncher. That right there is proof that there is a lot more than just raw power that goes into hurting an oponent. Timing, punch placement, and whether the victim sees the shot coming or not all are more important to getting a KO than raw power. Shavers had enormous raw power, but poor timing, punch placement, punch selection, and speed.

Litterally all of his wins were the result of his raw power, not his skills.
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