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Default Re: Marquez vs Pacquiao 5 . . . . why?

Originally Posted by JohnnyDrama99 View Post
The fifth fight is only on the table based on how the fourth fight went before the abrupt ending. The fact of the matter is Juan was taking a massive beating in the round before he scored the KO and ultimately was getting out boxed for the majority of the fight. A lot of people believe Juan is the better fighter but more believe Manny is the superior boxer. Both have a case but ultimately their fights have proven that they are equal when facing each other. Had Juan been dominating before scoring that knockout a 5th fight wouldn't be an one would want to see it. However, there's a lot of fans who are excited about a 5th fight between these two based on the barn burner the 4th encounter was. The come from behind victory. ...the epic knockout ending.'s a recipe for a massive promotion between these two later this year.
I can understand that point of view, dont personally agree with it but i can understand it. thank you for actually answering my question and not becoming one of the many trolling pac****/***** ****heads

Hey if they want to get it on again why not fight for a world title, and i mean a real world title! in other words one mega card

Remember the whole Cinco De Mayo showtime-HBO war?

HBO - Chavez V Martinez - Beltran V Martinez
Showtime - Canelo V Lopez - Maidana V Karass

That was by far possibly the greatest night of boxing of the year!

HBO - Mayweather V Guerrero - Broner V Rees - Alvarez v Trout
Showtime - Marquez V Bradley - Pacquiao V Rios - Chavez V Macklin

Have it in Vegas again, Arum has the excuse to **** all over Mayweathers parade, ITS PERFECT
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