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Default Re: *** Cain Velasquez Vs. Alistair Overeem? Who wins??***

If Silva can get inside Overeem's striking zone without being hurt or buzzed, he poses some sort of a threat to Overeem, that said Overeem is a wrestler, he has an excellent sprawl, sadly i dont give Silva a great chance here, i will say Silva should not be overlooked in the boxing aspect, Overeem while a striker is a poor boxer, and im talking pure boxing here, head movement, slipping, rolling, putting combinations together, range appreciation ............ for the level of awards he has as a "striker" it really is alarming!

If Silva can poor / plod forward aggressively while maintaining a decent output and take Overeems shots, he could put Overeem in places he cant go at the weight, cardio wise!

Can Overeem beat Silva? yes i believe he can and will, thats providing he's still super man off the roids mind you!

Velasquez Overeem

I said before the JDS fight that Velasquez's stand up is badly under rated, he was a minuscule away from being a "good striker" when JDS flattened him! that was what, 12 months ago? thats a full year of work gone into his game.

Overeem is a striker with a good solid all round grappling game, but not even remotely close to Velasquez as a grappler.

I honestly believe Velasquez will have a much easier nights work with Overeem than he did with Jr, pace, short compact striking, mixed with aggressive striking from the top position and superior cardio!

Velasquez TKO 2 GnP

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