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Default Re: anyone feel sorry for carlos molina the 154lb fighter?

Just imo, how he stacks up with the division.

vs Kirkland. If Molina couldnt beat Kirkland in that fight, in which the ref allowed him to fight doing anything he wanted, pushing, holding, grappling, ect.... to try and stuff kirklands offense, and Kirkland still wore him down, and the same would happen again. And if they had a ref that actually did his job (not DQ'ing in a bull**** stoppage, but not letting Molina fight like that in the first place) then James gets to Molina even earlier. I dont see him ever beating a conditioned and peak Kirkland (which Im not sure we will ever see again) But to be honest, not sure I should even be including James here, Kirkland is on the border of no longer being relivant to the division. Hes screwed his career over for the time being. And when he does come back I dont expect him to be the same force (have to wait n see obviously though) and if Molina stays active from here then not sure who id favor in a rematch.

vs Mayweather, he could do well.... Id have Mayweather the favorite but Molina would make it rough in there by the nature of his style and size.

vs Canelo, would be a decent fight, Id still favor Canelo but I think if Canelo doesnt stop Molina that Molina makes it close. Oh, and theres no way GBP lets Molina fight Canelo with that ugly n rough ****. The ref would be warning n taking points from Molina all night if he tried that. luckily for Molina he can box when he needs to, Canelo is an opponent I think he could box with. Kirkland his only hope was to fight in the manner he did, I dont think he would have to do that with Canelo.

vs Angulo. I think Molina beats Angulo fairly easily to be honest.

vs Trout. Not sure

vs Cotto. Not sure, think im favoring Molina at this point.... hard to know when robberies will happen but fair refs I think would see it for Molina.
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