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Default Re: Who is the P4P hardest puncher of all time?

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
Foreman has very few 1 punch KOs as well. Tyson was never a 1 punch-lights out kind of guy. Tyson rarely knocked guys unconcious, actually. They usually were still able to get up or at least trying when the ref stopped it. Same with Foreman.
Yes he was, absolutely.

There isn't a heavyweight since Louis who more routinely knocked down and out good durable heavyweights with single shots than Mike Tyson. As a one punch hitter he eclipses Shavers who never knocked anyone unconscious either and frequently had to beat them down to get the stoppage.

There are highlight videos devoted solely to Tyson's one punch KOs. You won't find a similar vid of Shavers because he only had one true one punch KO in his career (that's on tape), against Jimmy Ellis. The bulk of the rest of his wins inside the distance are TKOs or ref stoppages.

The idea that Tyson was an accumulation puncher and Shavers a one punch knockout artist is totally **** backwards, IMO. I don't know why such nonsense is still being propagated by educated boxing fans when it's so patently false.

Sorry to be blunt but if Shavers is such a hard hitter show me the proof in fights, don't bring up quotes.

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
Marciano had more 1 punch KOs where the person was unconcious for minutes, but he didn't punch as hard as Shavers or Foreman.
Why not? He has the results to prove it doesn't he? P4P you could make a very good case that he was a harder one punch hitter. Of course objectively the large difference in weight has to be considered, but results are what must ultimately carry the flag here. And if you're putting guys' lights out on a regular basis as the Rock did, then it's a pretty good indication that you have serious one punch KO power.

Like you said, who are we to judge who hit harder? In lieu of common opponents, one has to make up one's mind by deduction and other means.
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