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Default Re: Mayweather would have beaten a prime ODLH and Trinidad at 147

Originally Posted by Hatesrats View Post
Are people forgeting the BEAST Trinidad was @WW?
(Oh... So because ODLH was able to box him, So can Floyd)
^I get it, Kinda like because JMM was able to counter...

Got 'Cha
Another fantasy win for Floyd.
Well Trinidad's stance in it of itself puts him at at a disadvantage with someone of Floyd's skillset. His toe to heel style with his backfoot did not allow him to get off power shots unless he set his feet against a stationary target. With Floyd's lateral movement and ability to slip punches I dont see Tito consistently getting into position to let lose his powerful blows just like against Oscar. Im certain Floyd can duplicate Oscar's movement without tiring, the question is can Floyd land something that can gain Tito's respect. Movement aside Floyd tends to become a stationary target on the ropes and though he has amazing ability to slip and roll punches he puts himself in danger of getting caught with something huge when looking for counter opportunities, which would be Tito's only hope in this matchup.

70/30 Floyd IMO.
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