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Default Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah ban/avatar bet thread

Time to make things interesting. Each time Zab fights, the Judah fanboys crawl out of the dark and start talking big. I know, i arent sure if Zab will show up, or fake a low blow and roll around the ring crying for 5 minutes. Ive seen too many **** posts from judah fans already and so im only going to offer a one month ban/avatar bet, that way i dont scare all of you off. And for the rest of u who aint betting but still pickin Judah... see you around the forum chicken ****s

One month avatar bets:
Garcia - Judah

Genaro G(2 months)vs lewishamboy(1 month)
DirtyDan vs brnxhands (3 months)

One month ban bets:

The13thround vs superkalleb (lifetime ban)

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