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Default Re: Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah - When good cherrypicks go bad

Man stfu! Your talking out of your ass. Danny telegraphs all of his punches because he's flat footed He over commits to his jab, and espeacially his left hook. So idk what your talking about. Zab will time him with short shots like eric did. Only Zab has power, and wont be there when the counter comes. Zab a southpaw who circles to the left, he also uses the shoulder roll. Dannys left hook is not going to be a factor in this fight. And if he throws it he only sets himself up for Zabs best punch. The left uppercut. You are proving my point by admitting that Danny has to be agressive and walk Zab down. You seem to forget that thats not what Danny does. He'd have to do something he's never done. And he doesnt have that kind of skill. BTW, Eric is not more SKiLLED than Judah. So Stop ur biased hate. I favor danny to win too. Not because he should, or that he's better. It's that Zab finds ways to f!ck up. I beleive Zab will win, but im picking Danny.
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