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Default Re: What if Mundine wins?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
you are what everyone else thinks.....
dumb dumb

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
not going to happen mate. mundine cant keep pace. he hasnt got a chin that gets back up. he is old. he is shopworn. a novice KO'd him. ottke put him in a COMA!!

geale just needs to keep his hands high. if mundine drops his hands to go to the body.....hooks and crosses. show the dog angles. mundines hip is ****ed, he cant move as well. his legs are ols...(remember anthony, you said laurie daly was running on old legs? well he wasnt, but you are! he rep australia, you were reserve for blues. he was indigenous. better than you)

geale is indigenous. he is the best indigenous fighter in the world.

let mundine come out hard. it will make him commit, over balance, and like ottke, will run into your punches. his early bombs are perfect for you to counter. make him miss...make him pay. take him to deep water. then like fenech did.....bash the **** to the floor with the crowd roaring!!!

this is your fight daniel. this is your country. we are all behind you. bash the ****. embarras him like he did to kathy freeman and many other indigenous people. bash im for the public. bash him for his mouth about your indigenous heritage, and your wifes. bash the ****. when he looks gone. step back and bash him some more.

smash the pretender. smash the big mouth slanderer. WIN DANIEL, WIN!!
dumb dumb

Advising Geale to keep a high guard - stellar advice dumb dumb.
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