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Default Re: Mayweather would have beaten a prime ODLH and Trinidad at 147

I would fancy a prime Oscar to do the business on Mayweather - the work rate, jab and power would be enough to seal a UD i think.

I actually agree with most posters that Tito didnt do very well against boxers but was very good at imposing his size advantages - Having said that i guess Mayweather could get on his bike avoid that left hook and pull out a boring UD win.

BTW - someone others mentioned a few other names here is my opinion

Mosley - I would favour floyd in a close fight - Mosley was a fast punching powerhouse at 147 and frankly speaking if he caught floyd like that closer to his prime, its unlikely he would see the next round. Still think skills wise he Mayweather would take this

Forest - Frankly his size, power, speed should see him get a wide UD over Floyd i just dont see Mayweather doing anything that can beat that freak of a WW (RIP)
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