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Default Re: Did Sherman Williams poor conditioning keep him from killing Helenius?

Robbe Helenius fought a very smart fight for all but those few seconds of the 5th or 6th rd.
Tank has a long history of being potshotted to a decision. He aint been KOd since I can remember and he's fought many a hue puncher.

Take a look at Tanks defense.

He covers his face and ear well, allowing for only the straightest of shots to split his muffs. He tucks his arms well defending his solar plexus, and needs only the slightest adjustment to stave off a hook to the liver.

The lone target he offers up, and especially to taller fighters, is the top of his head.

I've seen guys KOd to the top of their heads, but Ive seen more fighters break their hands on an opponents cap than Ive seen guys laid down.

Now, Helenius was coming off a fight in which he tore his rotator 6 weeks prior to fighting. He sparred ZERO/0/ZERO rounds in the final 6 weeks of camp prior to his vacant EBU fight with Chisora.
In the first round, Robbe put everything his tore rotator would allow into a fierce straight R hand to DelBoys forehead. It landed flush over the eyes, right on the dome, and Robbe sent DelBoy reeling across the ring, staggering, dazed. And DelBoy said, that was the hardest he'd been hit in 10 yrs of boxing.
For his troubles, Helenius added insult to injury and injury. His already torn rotator was now accompanied by two broken metacarpals in the first f/n rd.

He continued to wing shots at DelBoy for 12 rds. His ONLY/ONLY/ONLY effective punches were his winging L hooks. DelBoy smothered their effect by hanging on Robbes chest.

So, Helenius going into the fight with Williams had a choice......test the shoulder and hand by going straight at him as he'd always done, or fought smart, and adjusted to an ironheaded fighter with a history of breaking guys hands and standing through the most brutal assaults.

Robbe may have looked like a broken fighter that night, but as a fan, Im hoping this was simply a professional adjustment by him in the ring.

Now, ROBBE....get in ****ing shape already.
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