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Default Re: List off 5 current favorite fighters.5 hated fighters

Likes for current fighters:
Danny Garcia(not sure why all the hate for this guy.. mostly from Mexicans and Brits for obvious reasons, or for his dad)
Maythesse or however you spell his name

Fighters I dislike currently:
Broner(racist pig)
Hopkins(same as Broner with a boring style)
Alexander(boring as **** and a crybaby)
JCC Jr(hyped up pappy's boy)
Nonito Donaire(cry baby who almost called the cops when they insulted his wife)

Likes of all time:
Ricardo Lopez

Dislikes of all time:
That German guy who never left his country and got all those bs decisions Ottke
Lennox Lewis

Fighters who I feel indifferent towards:
1. Mayweather.. sometimes I like him, sometimes I don't.
2. Pac.. Initially I disliked him for his fans.. but I felt sorry for him after getting knocked out cold.
3. James Toney.. Racist pig and ignorant.. but damn, he's funny as ****. When they asked him what would happen in a fight between him and Kimbo Slice in a youtube video his reaction had me laughing hysterically.
4. Calzaghe.. I don't really care for him much really.. even rooted for him to beat Hopkins but the Brit's overrate him immensely.
5. Cotto.. it's meh..
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