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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
He's also got numerous threads calling Floyd the biggest ducker in the history of the sport, then he's up in here trying to big him up to **** on Chavez? Honestly, Chavez and Whitaker **** down this era's throat. Yeah, pretty easily too.

ducking and being an excellent boxer are 2 different things.

floyd is maybe the greatest ducker for sure. yet he is the greatest defensive boxer ever and a ring genius.

best example is roy jones. yeah he ducked DM or a rematch with X. he also avoided a prime calzaghe, a lets better say they both avoided each other. yet a prime jones was the baddest boxer the world has ever seen.

floyd outsmarts pernell and chavez. he would have a harder time with pernell, because pernell hit very hard and was very difficult to catch himself, but the floyd mayweather of the gatti or coralles fight was just a small tick more athletic and faster and more fluidly moving than pernell.

as far as p4p goes, pernell is in the top 10, also pac and floyd. chavez top 20. prety fair to me.
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