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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by RingKing View Post
Ortiz was doing decent against FMJ in some areas. He even caught FMJ a few times, and even though FMJ shook it off, I bet he caught FMJ's attention. Thing is, he is a mental midget like Zab Judah. It seems like he got frustrated that he could not land flush on FMJ, and that is where he and his team made a mistake. Instead of working on hitting the least elusive parts of FMJ's body, they seemed to be intent on catching him square on the jaw. I don't remember his corner ever telling him to hit whatever he could (arms, body, chest) and make FMJ work.

Guerrero, on the other hand, was hitting Berto everywhere he could. He was being held, but with his free hand he was working Berto's body and head. Basically, he took what Berto gave him and was working constantly. He made it a rough and tumble affair and that is exactly what he will need to do against FMJ.
That's exactly were he went wrong. Ortiz was doing this, Mayweather uses them as trigger points though, it's one of the reasons he does the pads with Roger the way he does, it's the way he has been taught to defend. Defense first, and if the opportunity presents itself, use the oppositions punches as a trigger to get your own shots off. Ortiz punched Mayweathers arm, Mayweather came back with a clean straight right, repeat. Mayweather didn't even have to find distance, Ortiz was doing it for him.
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