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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Chempasillo View Post
okay. maruqez is a stronger puncher!!

as far as manny being better than chavez. if you guys don't believe me, than you also don't believe the ring magazine, the bible of boxing. how many times is chavez listed as boxer of the year?

1 time

how many times manny?

3 times !!

you know what emanuel steward said of manny pacquiao (I don't know exactly in which fight it was, I am prety sure it was against oscar).

emanuel: " I think he (pac) is better than henry (armstrong)."

and henry is not listed in the top 30 like chavez, most experts have him on 2-4, some even 1.

you all you guys make fun of me, like I knew ****, than so be it. but emanuel and ring are on my side so f$%& yall again. or will you contest than you know more than arguably the greatest trainer of this era and the most important magazine in boxing?

you let it die
So by that logic, Glen Johnson is better than Juan Manuel Marquez, and Ricky Hatton is better than Wilfred Benitez

Being celebrated by a magazine is not a skill. Try again. Or better yet concede your argument has no basis beyond personal preference .
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