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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by AnthonyW View Post
That's exactly were he went wrong. Ortiz was doing this, Mayweather uses them as trigger points though, it's one of the reasons he does the pads with Roger the way he does, it's the way he has been taught to defend. Defense first, and if the opportunity presents itself, use the oppositions punches as a trigger to get your own shots off. Ortiz punched Mayweathers arm, Mayweather came back with a clean straight right, repeat. Mayweather didn't even have to find distance, Ortiz was doing it for him.
Well, I don't remember FMJ teeing off on Ortiz when he was in close. What he was doing was using the shoulder roll or holding. Ortiz was the one who was throwing while in close and trying to land on FMJ.

Now in the middle of the ring was a different story. That is where FMJ was raking Ortiz and he pretty much was dominating the fight. When Ortiz bullied FMJ to the ropes, he worked but not in an intelligent way. He was trying too hard to hit the sweet spot instead of working intelligently and that was his mistake. Add to that his frustration and his lack of focus and you get Ortiz headbutting FMJ.

Guerrero may not be as fast as Ortiz, but he appears to be miles ahead of him as far as mental toughness goes. He also appears willing to grind out a rough and tumble affair for 12 rounds instead of trying to KO a fighter in 5 rounds. His chin may be better than Ortiz', and that is either going to help him in the fight or lead him to take a drubbing for 12 rounds. Guerrero's power seems to be a notch or two below Ortiz', but again, being a southpaw it might allow him to surprise FMJ with a punch here and there.

I'm just of the opinion that Guerrero might be able to replicate Hatton's fight against FMJ with a little more success since he may be a little longer and stronger than Hatton. I think he is young enough and durable enough to make it slightly entertaining. At the very least, I'm hoping he is able to push FMJ a little more than what other fighters have been able to do recently.
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