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Default Re: No fighter could do what Foreman did in his career.

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
I really cant see how they compare. Vitali was always in shape (and as i understand training), and had a very brief/ virtually nonexistent break when compared to Foreman's). Plus when foreman retired he really retired, no looking after himself whatsoever, by the look of the shape he was in.

I would agreeto with this to an extend, in that there was three belt holders, and certainly with the special situation regarding tyson, Holyfield, Bowe and Lewis, it was one of the few times where the lineal title was diluted, without a retirement. Still, Moorer was the true lineal champion and the man who beat the man. That makes Foreman the champ in much the same circumstances that Ali became the champion when he beat foreman even though he was struggling with NOrton and Frazier who Foreman demolished.

Dont foregt also that Vitali never became the number one after his comeback either. I would have thought Moorer probably only the third best fighter of his time, but has vitali ever beaten one of the three best fighters in the world. Off hand, i would have thought Chagaev, Povetkin, Haye and Wlad are probably the best bets to have filled those spots during the time of Vitalis comeback . I suppose you might argue Adamek who was similar to moore except for the fact that Adamek has never (and is not likely to ever0 beaten the best fighter in the world, close fight or not.
That's precisely the reason. Vitali has come back to be a genuine world class force. He is number 2 HW in the world and was top ten ranked p4p.

I don't see Moorer as the man because I didnt have him beating Holy and I didnt have Holy beating Bowe. I'd say Peter was arguably number 2. I'd have ranked Iggy above Peter myself but I think I was in the minority with that stance. when Ali beat Foreman he was quite clearly number 1, when foreman beat Moorer he wasnt.

At no point would I rank Foreman above Bowe, Lewis nor Holy.

I would actually rank the comeback of Ali and Tyson higher were it not for them being many years younger than Foreman and Vitali.
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