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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by Steven.Jackson View Post
Whether you like it or not, the Guerrero fight is the best fight that can be made at welterweight for Floyd. Whether that's a better fight than Canelo is debatable, but if Floyd plans on fighting at 147 for his next fight, it's gotta be Guerrero.

Who else? Manny's out till September at least, JMM got beat soundly already, Malignaggi, Zaveck, Berto, Ortiz? Yeah, exactly.

2nd would probably be Bradley, but The Ghost is clearly the best fight at 147 for May 4th.
Exactly. I'd prefer Canelo over Guerrero, but I don't think GBP will put their cash cow in their with FMJ just yet. Now if Guerrero has some success than it may happen in September. For now, Guerrero seems to be the best pick out of there. That or FMJ could move up to '54 and fight there.

Originally Posted by Ilesey View Post
It's times like this people will focus on Guerrero's assets and forget just how good Mayweather is. Whilst Guerrero is no mug, I do expect Mayweather to beat him relativley comfortably. I expect the best laid plans will go to waste when Mayweather starts tagging him. I don't see an upset here. I see a brave Guerrero losing a wide UD.
Guerrero could very well lose a wide UD, but to say that he'll get KO'ed in 2-4 rounds is ludicrous (and no, I'm not saying that you stated that. However, there are posters in here who say he has a zero chance and it won't be a good fight). Again, I'm just hoping to see FMJ get pushed into a good/great fight. I think the first few rounds will be indicative of how the fight will end. If Guerrero goes in there with the sole purpose of hitting the sweet spot a la Ortiz, then we will have a one-sided affair with FMJ drubbing Guerrero. But, and that is a big but, if Guerrero goes in there and smothers FMJ and turns it into a Berto type mauling then we might be in for a decent fight where the young Guerrero is taking the fight to FMJ. At least Guerrero has shown that even if he gets hit, he won't stop from trying to closing the distance to get some work in.
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