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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by AnthonyW View Post
This bout hasn't been confirmed, it must be remembered. I fully expect it to be, but I've seen this before from the Mayweather camp. Throw a name out there and wait for two things.

1. Wait for the backlash - they then see that they have to up the quality of opponent.


2. They throw a **** name out there expecting a backlash - then they confirm the bout against a much better opponent (that they have probably had in place all along), and everyone is at least satisfied with the opponent.

Aside from Bradley (Top Rank), Guerrero is probably the best opponent available at 147lbs.
I was holding out hope for Canelo in May but it appears that the event is pretty much set with Floyd vs Guerrero and Canelo vs Trout.

I believe GBP preferred to go with an easier fight for Canelo to help build the Canelo vs Floyd fight later in the year and that has been the reason for the announcement delay. It sounds like Canelo is insisting on the Trout fight. Trout is a strong, sound technical fighter and there is a good chance that Canelo won't look very good even if he wins thus slowing up the momentum for the superfight. If Trout wins, while he vs Mayweather is a good fight for purists and hard core fans, it wouldn't capture the casual fans attention like a Canelo fight would. Floyd prefers to fight at 147 so I can't see him taking a fight with Trout at 154 since he would be able to make the same kind of cash vs someone like Bradley or even Garcia at 147.

My 0.02
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