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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by macho_grande View Post
It staggers me the amount of people on a boxing forum who DKSAB!!

Guerrero is 29 so he is at his peak. Hes a southpaw with a great chin, he throws lots of punches and has a great heart and engine. The only thing that goes against him is his lack of pop. Its respectable, but there is no chance of him stopping Floyd but he could outwork him to get a decision.

People seem to forget that Floyd is 35, hes been inactive for years. Mayweather is unquestionably one of (if not the most) dedicated boxer in terms of health and fitness of his generation. Unfortunately for him you cant beat father time, and hes at the stage of his career where young fighters will be fitter than him, & perhaps even more hungry than him.

This is a dangerous fight for Floyd, and although I see Mayweather winning by UD, I expect Guerrero to push him all the way.
Exactly. This has more to do with father time possibly catching up to Floyd moreso than Guerrero being some amazingly skilled fighter. No one beats father time. At some point, if you keep on fighting past your prime, you will eventually lose. This might not be the fight but it would not shock me one bit if it is. Floyd is a reflex based fighter sort of like RJ (although Floyd has much superior fundamentals) and he is right about the age when most athletes really start to lose a lot of the natural reflexes and legs.
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