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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I thought the same until I watched him stun Berto several times, who Ortiz only stunned once or twice, but put a beating on him...

Guerrero actually stunned Berto a couple times which was pretty shocking because I thought the same as you..

I said there is no way, he can hurt Berto, judging from his Aydin fight he showed that he can box on the back foot with a lot of volume not much pop, but he also showed with berto that if he sits on his punches, he definitely has great power...

I think he can hurt may with a left straight when May is on the ropes with his shoulder roll.

Guerrero's Work rate, south paw stance, and size gives him a pretty good chance for the Upset, specially considering, may will be inactive for another year, and last time out he was very stationary even with Ortiz and relies to much on his inside defense, but he can't do that with a south paw specially with one with great reach and size like GUerrero he will get caught, but IDK if Guerrero will win, I do think he has a shot.. this Mayweather is to stationary IMO with a high volume southpaw.... Guerrero's doesn't have a questionable heart like Ortiz and will leave it all in the ring, he will make mayweathe Fight IMO!
Anyone can hurt Berto because he's not in shape. Guerrero doesn't have the footwork to stay outside. If he tries to fight inside, he's giving up the southpaw advantage. Once Floyd takes the angle away, the fight is over.
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