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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by Ianian58 View Post
-Floyd Mayweather is 35 years old.

-Though beating Cotto convincingly, he did strugle against him.

-He is also out from prison.

-Guerrero is a decent contender, and sometimes a decent contender is all that it takes for the probability of beating a faded star.

-He is also a young and hungry fighter.

I'm not saying Guerrero will 100 percent beat Floyd, I'm saying the time is almost perfect for Guerrero to beat him. And plus, mostly for the joke, Guerrero is easily broke through Andre Berto's flawless Shoulder Roll Defence.
For one Andre Berto dose not have and inside fight game Period !! Berto inside fight game is just terrible worst Iv ever seen from some one at his level .. With that said, with out an inside fight game, a fighter should not even attempt to use the shoulder roll unless you know how to fight on the inside. Second Berto does not know how to fight - Yes I said it , Berto dose not know how to fight.. Berto is the perfect stereo type fighter who has speed and power and nothing else, once he meets some one that can match him is speed or nullify his speed and power he is lost.
Floyd on the other hand is on the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to Berto.
The fact that Berto struggled with Forbes, Urango, and Collazo should have been the first hint Berto career was going to be short.

In the end Berto falls miles short a measuring stick of how the ghost will do against Floyd. Im sure Guerrero people knows that also or else they would have look to go after other top welter weight in the devision to make the match more appealing.

I expect the ghost to give a good account of himself but he will get beaten on the inside against floyd and get outpointed from the outside.
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