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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by pit View Post
No you will never see floyd set a pattern, he will fight on the inside, then he may move to the pocket, then switch to the outside, or use the shoulder roll. this is why he is so hard to fight, because you never know how he going to use is defense and offense .

those fight I mention you need to go back and look at those fights , he busted Zab, Gatti, Chavez , Bruselse to the body to the point they had to choice but to follow floyd peace.

Not a superior inside fighter ? then ask yourself, why come these so called excellent inside pressure fighters fall so short fighting floyd? Come do you really think floyd runs and uses the shoulder roll the whole time?
What excellent inside pressure fighters has he fought besides Castillo? Castillo, who in my opinion and a lot of other people (some HBO personnel included), beat FMJ. None of the other guys you mentioned come close to being excellent inside fighters. And please, don't mention Hatton as an excellent inside fighter. Baldomir? Not an excellent pressure fighter, but a plodding, feather fisted fighter.

Come on, man. I've given FMJ credit for being a superior outside fighter who has been able to beat other fighters by fighting his fight. But don't try and tell me he has fought excellent pressure fighters because he hasn't.

And I never said this, "Come do you really think floyd runs and uses the shoulder roll the whole time?"

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