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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by pit View Post
Floyd first fight with Castillio was close and floyd first time at 135 in which Castillo came in close to 147 then 135, even then with floyd hurt shoulder, floyd was able to hold his own on the inside with Castillo. If you don't give any of the fighter I mention credit for being great or even good inside fighters, I would like to hear your opinion on who is a good inside fighter today? Because that art appears to be lost on most fighters today.
You don't have to give Floyd any injury excuses. Who cares if the crowd or HBO personnel thought Floyd lost. The judges didn't and neither did diehard boxing fans who know how to score fights. Castillo basically held and threw low blows. When you watch the fight, Floyd clearly won on accuracy. He outboxed Castillo. Castillo tried his best to rough Floyd up and that's all he did-rough Floyd up. Castillo's punches weren't landing like he won the fight. The rematch proved that Floyd could do it again more convincingly, and he did. If the man doesn't think Floyd is good on the inside and has not fought any good pressure fighters, let him be. That's just a clueless individual.
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