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Default Re: *** Cain Velasquez Vs. Alistair Overeem? Who wins??***

Reem's weakness will be exposed when a good wrestler or bjj guy uses level changing a lot, and sneaks in a good punch while doing so to set up a takedown..

vs. Werdum he had trouble because of all the level changes and feints, but Werdum didn't land anything super hard to set up the takedown, and he's almost more like a guy that would try and drag you to guard than try to overpower you and go for a single or double. Overeem was too strong to be taken down that way, he just stood back up.. But it showed his soft underbelly can be exposed. You can sneak a punch in there by changing levels, buzz him, THEN go for the takedown, and if you can't pound him out, you drown his ass.

Otherwise, if you stand in front of him, or try to go for a clinch, he's gonna maul the **** out of you.. Lesnar couldn't hold onto him, Reem inflicted so much damage, so quickly and inside that when he was in range to try and go for a bodylock, he just wilted. He's a huge explosive guy that got everything taken out of him in just a few moments.

I don't like the matchup for Cain because Overeems standup style gives him the advantage in the clinch, and Cain likes to get close to guys and maul them. I believe Cain can beat him soundly, but everything depends on him landing something hard, AND getting Reem on his back, AND keeping him there long enough to inflict damage or draining him enough.. Cain is a smart dude, but I'll bet it takes him a fight to figure out Reem.. And guess what? Reem will maul the **** out of Cain. Cain will come back and win the next one.

Reem's standup style is really pretty hard to crack, and it's a punishing, unforgiving style.. You make a mistake and he will land heavy and short on you. Guys that powerful only need to land one.

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