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Default Re: Solomon Haumono TKO5 Kyotaro Fujimoto

Originally Posted by FilipMNE View Post
Kyotaro is rally really bad he wasnt really even topo K1 fighter who said to him to try boxing is beyond me...
Just look the second that video starts how boxer keeps his chin tucked in and Kyotaro up like he wants to be hit...
Wrong. He was never #1 or anything, but he was top 10 for much of his career, and beat six tourney or divisional champs (a few of them legends) and only lost to champs (a few of them legends) while never being knocked out. The crème de la crème that beat him didn't find it a walk in the park, and that includes Schilt himself who is top three p4p. He also retired as K1 heavyweight champion.

Saying he wasn't a top K1 fighter is indefensible fallacy.

He's just obviously not cut out for the kick-free strain of boxing.

At least not at heavyweight.
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