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Default Re: Mayweather - Pacquiao: Who ducked who?

It's obviously Floyd.

Look at the situation.

EXAMPLE 1: TMT Promotion Company. Floyd and 50 cent would form their own promotion company to undercut Haymon and take in all the revenue. It was a brilliant idea, and 50 is a successful businessman and has the intelligence and street sense to carry this idea through. Floyd even went through the process of creating designer shirts and hats with the TMT logo and being photographed at every opportunity. Floyd and 50 were best friends for life in a frienship spanning nearly a decade.

Then it happened.

50 said, "Floyd the first avenue we're going to take to start off our tremendous money making business is to make the fight with Pacquaio."

And then it was a wrap.

Floyd is a such a **** talking little ***** that he destroyed a 10 year friendship over his refusal to fight Pacquaio despite saying time and time and time again that he would fight him.

Just like he said he would fight Margarito to his FACE.

Just like he said he would fight the winner of Martinez vs Williams.

But he's such a ****in coward that instead of fighting Pacquaio, undercutting Haymon, and going into business with his life long friend, he chose to betray his friendship and his company, and destroy his best friend's reputation.

Explain that.

EXAMPLE 2: The man calls himself "MONEY," yet when the welterweight division was heating up, he retired for 2 YEARS! He cost himself HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in potential earnings by retiring like the coward ***** he is.

Explain that.
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